Thursday, July 30, 2009

DAY +57: Home Alone

The fact that Cici, Charley, Susan, and Bob were all comfortable with a soft hand-off today, i.e., Susan being alone for two hours between the departure of the "C" Team and Bob's return, is a positive. Susan actually called me during that time (guess she was lonely) to point out some minor corrections/explanations with respect to previous blog entries. So, for the record . . .

Per yesterday's post, Susan's white and red counts were in fact within normal range, and not, as I had erroneously reported "close to within normal range."

And regarding the post with the pictures (July 26), Susan wants you all to know that she was not channeling Diane Keaton. In fact, she was so dressed, or overdressed, because (1) she was cold, even though it was a hot, sunny day and (2) she can't be exposed to the sun. My take is that she could have worn a longsleeve sweatshirt with a hood + the oversized shades and one of her surgical masks and been even more covered, if with less flair. My Diane Keaton wannabe comment stands.

As for today, she had been feeling a little "yuchy" -- the usual intermittent stomach pain and periods of nausea. She's taken some medications for each and it makes a difference, enabling her to feel well enough to be active enough to get various little things done (e.g., catch up on the blog entries so she can quibble with her brother). She says she has been eating some, not a lot, but enough she thinks, and also keeping hydrated. Wonder what culinary masterpiece Bob will whip up tonight. As always, we'll wait to see what tomorrow brings.

NOTE: I'll be traveling tomorrow and my blog post is likely to be late, probably around midnight, unless one of the other 4 people (Callie, Charley, Bob, Susan) designated as authors for the blog beats me to it.


  1. Hi,
    Yesterday's blog turned out to be better than we thought. Having your counts in normal range is wonderful news. Being "home alone" is also a big step for you. So glad that you did okay. As for the "Diane Keaton" remark, I still say your outfit was very "Napaesque"(I just made up a new fashion word).

    lots of love,
    gig & always Rick

  2. Susan:
    Just got onto Noah's laptop and was able to catch up on posts from the past few days. So wonderful to see you in the photo down by the pond! With due respect to my fellow blog posters, I would call the look French Riviera-esque, also a new word. We will be home soon from Germany; thinking of you and hoping it's a good day.
    Susi, Pete and Noah