Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DAY +56: Dr. Soiffer's Happy (so we are, too)

A good report from Boston:
  • white (8K) and red (4.07) blood counts are close to within normal range
  • platelets, which had been an issue due to the Valcyte (taken to prevent CMV complications), are now back into a normal range (148), even with the Valcyte
  • bilirubin is down to the top of the normal range (1.2 from 1.4), indicating that the VOD is diminishing, and the liver and kidneys are now functioning well
  • Susan's lost 10 lbs since last Friday, which suggests that the ascites is improving, as would be expected with the VOD resolving; consequently, her diuretic med is being dropped to once a day from 2X -- a big YEAH for one fewer pill a day.
  • with respect to her cough, the X-ray (from last Friday) did show some fluid in the right lung, which Soiffer sees as likely being an extension of the ascites fluid build-up; he's watching it but is not overly concerned at this point, as pretty much everything seems to be moving in the right direction
  • BOTTOM LINE: Susan is now just about back to where she should have been a month ago if all the complications hadn't set in; but she does look to be back (although she still complains of ascites pain), and Soiffer's pronounced himself "very happy" with her condition.
  • Next Boston visit is scheduled for a week from Friday, when, with Dr. Soiffer being away, Susan will see Nurse Amy
The steak that Charley was promising to grill last night he indeed did grill. Not only that, Susan ate some of it, along with carrots and mashed potatoes, for dinner, and Cici says she has been drinking a fair amount of water. Keep those kidneys flushed! Today it was the usual hard boiled egg and toast for breakfast, some cheese in the afternoon, and Cici is making a chicken dish for tonight. Tomorrow you can learn how it all turned out.


  1. The best report we could have hoped for. Great news!! So happy for you and all the family.

    much love,

  2. hip, hip, hurray! f i n a l l y:-) if dr. soiffer is happy, we're ecstatic. susan, take care. jerry, thanks again and again for the update. love to all, liz and steven

  3. I want to join in the cheerleading section here with a Rah! Rah! for Susan and her team! Give me an S!


  4. Hi, Susan, Art here from Dobbs Ferry.
    Glad to see things improving. all looks very promising.

    About feeling cold: Happened to me and I understand it's pretty common. It gets better over time.

    All the best, Art

  5. I'm so happy!