Friday, July 17, 2009

DAY +44: Holding Steady

Today's bullet points:
  • breakfast al fresco (she went outside and she ate)
  • no lunch per se, but some cheese and cracker snacking
  • generally more awake/active today
  • nausea less of an issue (but is this a trend or just a trough in the rolling waves)
  • ascites bothersome enough today to occasion pain meds
  • and, just to show that Susan is still Susan, she did some potchky-ing around (arranging) with the pillows outside
In short, she's doing OK, given where she's been. Presumably she'll watch more Mad Men episodes tonight.


  1. Thank God......Keep up the good work, lots of love coming your way...over & out, Les

  2. I knew that country air would be the best medicine of all. Keep growing stronger and keep rearranging pillows, furniture, anything you can. It's one of the things that makes you, you. I'm so happy. Just wish the ascites would stop giving you so much pain. I guess it will take a little more time. By the way, I guess I am a real californian. Received my new driver's license and the condo closed. Anyway, keep feeling better,

    much love as always,


  3. Susan,

    GREAT to hear you were able to head up to the country. We all hope that you continue to improve and the being in the country proves curative, in and of itself.


  4. Thanks so much for continuing the reports from the country location. We're following every little morsel of info, so keep it coming. In return, we're sending love, healing thoughts and gratitude.