Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DAY +35: Mostly the Same

Top Line: kidneys may be improving, but liver now seems to be an issue; the fatigue remains

There's nothing definitive to report. I'm using words like "may," "might," "seems," "likely," "possibly" because nothing conclusive has been determined.
  • We're happy that the kidneys seem to be moving towards normal function, but it's too soon to be sure.
  • We are not happy that the liver, and conditions likely related to it, are not behaving properly. This area is being explored, with more tests/procedures to come in a diagnostic sequence, if/as needed, but it's premature to say what's going on.
  • It turns out that the tests Susan had for certain viruses that may be at issue take several days or more to provide useful results, so those are still pending.
  • The fatigue persists.
Bob continues to be impressed with the nursing, so that's a good thing, and we know the right and best doctors are on the case. Let's see what tomorrow reveals.


  1. Susan,

    I am sure you were hoping and probably expecting to be home by now, but glad you have such a great team on top of all the issues. Hopefully they will figure it out and getting all going back in the right direction.

    Winsome is catching up to you. Turned 55 today. We took a drive up to Kent with Molly and had a nice relaxing day. The weather was perfect. Again, hope to see you back in the City soon. Love you,


  2. Continued thanks for doing the challenging job of holding down the fort and reporting out to us on the sidelines. You are doing God's work, caring for Susan with such attention and love, not to mention grace and compassion. I know she's struggling, but she's fortunate to have so much care around her.

  3. We are hoping you are resting comfortably while in the hospital...
    You know we are thinking of you and waiting for good news!

    Love you...
    Mimi and Jeff

  4. A little setback but nothing that can't be taken care of once the team figures out the next course of action,and they will. At least the hydration is getting your kidneys back on track, which is great. Just one more hirdle to overcome and you soon will be figuring out how to move the furniture in your new apartment.

    Much love