Thursday, July 16, 2009

DAY +43: the Country Life

Not a lot to say. No setbacks, but progress will probably be slow enough so as not to be noticeable on a day to day basis. My hope is that we're into a boring phase. Nevertheless, here's today's news, such as it is:
  • Susan had a hardboiled egg and a slice of toast for breakfast and a milkshake in the afternoon. Bob's planning mac and cheese for dinner
  • She sat outside by the pool for a bit and they also drove down to the pond
  • She'll probably watch an episode or two of Mad Men tonight
  • She has spent more time awake today, but who can say to what extent this is a consequence of the novelty of a new location with more room to roam and more to do vs. some improvement in her underlying condition
  • Her principal complaint right now is the discomfort from the ascites, which is considerable
It's probably fair to think of Susan at this point as a political prisoner under house and grounds arrest. Come back y'all and visit the blog again tomorrow for more (we hope) non-news.


  1. susan,

    So glad you are back at the house. You can enjoy the outside and especially the pool. Having the fresh air and sunny days, hopefully you will get your appetite and strength back day by day. Enjoy Mad Men, it is one of my favorites. Wishing the discomfort you are having from the ascites will soon disappear which will make you feel so much better. Enjoy everyday and hope you will have the rest of the summer and beyond in the country.

    Love and hugs,


  2. Novelty and room to roam sound like just the ticket. Susan, I hope those lovely views of trees and hills will help to nourish your recuperation.
    xxoo Susi

  3. This is the best news yet!!! You're "outa there." We'll have to get Bob's recipe for mac and cheese...sounds like it does wonders. We think of you every day...

    Dick and Catherine

  4. So happy to hear you're in the country. We're thinking of you often.

  5. keep eating ice cream? pudding? mac/cheese sounds great wish I could send you some of my extra girth I have 100 pounds to spare . ;-) Lorraine & Dory