Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DAY +41: Interview with SKS

The reclusive patient, Susan Kargman Siegel, consented to an impromptu interview that was completed just moments ago. Here's the transcript:

Blogster: How are you feeling?
SKS: I feel a little stronger, but my stomach still hurts
Blogster: Sounds like the ascites. Are you taking pain medication for it?
SKS: No. It hurts, but it's not that bad
Blogster: Now that you've started on the diuretic for the ascites, are you drinking enough?
SKS: Yes
Blogster: Would you elaborate? Can you quantify that?
Blogster: What will you miss most about your Boston experience?
SKS: Nothing . . . What Boston experience?
Blogster: What are you most looking forward to?
SKS: Not being in the apartment and seeing the house
Blogster: Would you be willing to be photographed so your fans can see your face?
SKS: No.
. . .
SKS: I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling very talkative. I want to go back and watch my show now.

Not very informative, but it was the best I could get from her. The show, by the way, is the second season DVD collection for "Mad Men" which Cici walked a mile and a half each way to buy. (Did I mention that the Kendall Square apartment is in no man's land?)

Susan had a hard boiled egg and a slice of toast for breakfast (what we would call lunch in terms of the time of day it was consumed). She snacked some on cheese and crackers this afternoon, and Cici is making them meatballs and pasta for dinner.

Bob plans to get back up tomorrow to meet them at the 1:00 PM appointment with Dr. Soiffer. The expectation is that she'll be given clearance to clear out. We'll wait and see.


  1. HI,

    Okay, now that you are feeling better and agreed to give Jerry an interview, I think it's time for me to say goodbye to this blog and start emailing you. I am so grateful to Jerry for keeping us up to date on your day to day medical issues and triumphs. So look for me on your email. love you, gig

  2. That was great! It was good to hear Susan's side of all this. I didn't know emailing was an option. I'll join you, Gig!

  3. Suz, Just feel better and deal with your fan mail as you can....we're all pulling for you....lots of love.....over & out, Les

  4. Great interview.... maybe when this is all behind you, you can think about a career in politics! Good luck with the appointment today, and we hope you get to the country house soon.
    Love you...
    Mimi and Jeff