Friday, July 10, 2009

DAY +37: a Little More Progress

Today's bullet points:
  • Susan is undergoing an MRI as I write-- this is a precautionary test at this point, not an indication of a serious condition about which more diagnostic information is needed; of course we'll let you know if anything concerning turns up
  • The tests for certain viruses that were potentially serious problems have finally come back and they are negative
  • Susan does have BK virus, however, but the team is not alarmed, as it should be manageable
  • The ascites continues, but as the VOD improves (and bilirubin is lower today, suggesting that is what's happening) the ascites should resolve; diuretics, which can be useful in treating ascites, are problematic, given Susan's challenges in taking in enough fluids; if the ascites becomes too much of a problem, there is the option to remove the fluid buildup via paracentesis, but better not to be sticking needles into Susan unless really necessary
  • She has eaten better today; she took a longer walk; and she is off the IV line -- all good -- but she'll really need constant encouragement to consume enough food and liquids
Believe it or not, there's a chance Susan might be released from the hospital tomorrow, which suggests that, despite the remaining issues, she is making enough progress now not to be dependent on a hospital setting. Maybe there'll be an opportunity for some redecorating in Susan's near term future? Let's hope so.


  1. Hi,

    It's so nice to read an encouraging update. So glad you are doing better today. You must keep drinking and eating more on your own so they will release you and you can finally see your new apartment. Cambridge will be such a nice place to be for a while (short while I hope). Looking forward to reading tomorrow's update with you on your way to Cambridge.

    love, hugs and kisses,


  2. dear susan, take care. you have been so brave! perhaps the most critical time, pain and discomfort are nearing an end and recovery is around the corner! jerry, you are a peach--thanks for the news. love to all the kargmans and siegels. hugs, liz and steven