Saturday, July 18, 2009

DAY +45: Nothing New

Everything is pretty much the same:
  • more time spent alert and awake (of course, meds help)
  • nausea continues to be less of an issue
  • ascites continues to be painful, occasionally requiring pain medication
  • eating a little, drinking well enough, with intake levels clearly being limited by the ascites
Susan did spend some time today organizing the kitchen. I doubt it was heavy duty, but certainly that's not something she would have been able to do at all a week ago. When we get the next blood results, particularly the bilirubin level, we may be able to judge progress with her VOD, which, again, is the major determinant of her ascites. Expect more days of ho hum news until then.


  1. I like ho hum news. Sorry you are still having the pain, but eating and drinking is very good. You can organize each room day to day, that will keep you busy.

    lots of love and good wishes,


  2. Dear Susan,
    I'm so glad that your condition has been improving, except for the ascites, and that you are back in the country where you can enjoy the progress on the house. You are constantly in my thoughts. I know I don't write comments very often, but I am always pestering Jerry for "inside information." I hope that soon you will be feeling up to having company so we can take a ride up to visit and I can help you re-organize a room or two.

    Love, Maria