Saturday, July 25, 2009

DAY +52: Bob's back, Cici's gone, Susan remains

Actually, Callie and Nate are up for the weekend as well, with my source for today's report being Callie, as Susan and Bob were upstairs re-watching the later episodes of Mad Men. Meanwhile Callie and Nate were downstairs watching some earlier episodes in an attempt to catch up. Mad Men Mania.

There's really little news of note. Susan may not be quite as good today as she was yesterday -- more nauseous and so less interested in eating -- but this is a normal day-to-day fluctuation and not significant. They were about to grill for dinner. Maybe Susan will have a bit of burger.

May tomorrow's posting be equally uneventful.


  1. Hi,
    Well, I'm eating my frozen Lean Cuisine Pizza and watching the English Patient. I can't wait for Mad Men to begin again. Hope you had a little dinner and tomorrow brings a day filled with sunshine. Love to Bob and the kids,


  2. Uneventful postings are very good. Need to start watching Mad Men so we can discuss something other than the retro clothing! Must be comforting to be home.
    Barb and Peter