Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DAY +49: Cici, Bonjour; Charley, Adieu

And the guard changes yet again. Cici will be with Susan through Saturday, by which point Bob will have returned. She'll be the one to take Susan to her 1 PM Friday appointment at DFCI in Boston.

Here's what Cici has to say about her friend Susan:
  • first impression: she looks "really really well" compared to the last time Cici saw her (of course, that was when Susan was sleeping 20 hours/day)
  • her coloring is good and she looks a wee bit less bloated (ascites improving?)
  • Susan herself admitted to "maybe . . . feeling a little better"
  • The two of them sat outside for a good bit and Susan had Cici weeding in the garden, throwing stuff out in the dumpster, and moving things around [editor's note: probably the same things she had Charley move the day before]
  • Susan also spent a fair amount of time talking with Tom, their key construction/handyman guy, and Diane, their landscape architect, so she's clearly engaged with what's going on with the property
  • breakfast was a waffle; lunch, a PB&J sandwich; then a late afternoon snack of a hostess cupcake laced with a broken up potassium horse pill; for dinner Cici is planning on a hamburger casserole with Velveeta (her mother's recipe -- sounds like an ultimate comfort food) . . . I must note, the Siegel men don't cook like that; thank God for microwaves
  • Tonight they're planning on a Mad Men episode
This is all sounding good, but do bear in mind that part of what makes Cici such a delightful person is her cheery, optimistic view of the world, so some discounting of her impressions is probably prudent. Nonetheless, it's a positive picture, certainly for today. As always, let's see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Hi Girls,

    Sounds like a very good and busy day. CiCi, keeping Susan busy and getting her outside for some fresh air is great. I think you should be part of the medical team. I like your observations. Have another great day tomorrow, rest up for the big trip on Friday.

    love ya


  2. Regular Reader with a SCT in the futureJuly 23, 2009 at 7:17 AM

    Great job, writing this! One of the best transplant journals I've seen. Easy to follow, great tone. You really capture the main points well! Both you and Susan (her willingness to have this chronicled) are doing a great service.

  3. Ditto to the great writing! I really feel like I have a sense of this journey through the entries, and you don't have to repeat every detail ad nauseam to the hundreds interested and concerned about Susan's recovery.

    I loved that she's ordering the guy around. Sounds like immense progress to me.