Monday, July 13, 2009

DAY +40: Dr. Soiffer is "Very Happy"

The new apartment:
guess this is from the living room across the dining area and to the kitchen, with the entry door beyond

Top Line: Good blood count and platelet numbers today; Susan appears to be moving in the right direction

According to Charley, Dr. Soiffer pronounced himself "very happy." I hope that is with regard to Susan's condition and progress, as opposed to, say, him lucking into a good parking space this morning.

For the medically inclined among you: WBC - 9.9, RBC - 3.86, platelets - 283. These are good numbers for this stage of the game. Soiffer also characterized the VOD as a mild case. For the ascites, which really is very uncomfortable and limits Susan's eating and drinking, he has now prescribed a diuretic. Of course, the onus will be on Susan to drink enough so as not to dehydrate. This will be something of a balancing act, but as the ascites discomfort diminishes, thanks to the diuretic, Susan should be able to drink more to offset the fluid loss.

Susan has spent more time awake today and seems to be more alert and connected. She was watching junk television when I called; we'll take it over sleeping.

The next scheduled Dana Farber visit is Wednesday, at which point Dr. Soiffer thinks he may be able to release Susan from durance vile (that means: give her the OK to leave Boston). Of course, we've been here before, so let's not count chickens, but it does sound encouraging. We'll see what tomorrow brings tomorrow.


  1. Hi All,

    This is the best news in such a long time. I'm so happy right now. Susan, you have done such a good job of fighting through the pain and fatigue. We are so proud of you. Keep up the good work and hopefully by the weekend you might be back home in the country relaxing, and overseeing the work in the master bedroom. Can't wait to start emailing you and talking to you.

    Much love to all,

  2. Dear Susan and Bob,

    We are so happy the Dr. is happy! Now, we want to hear you are happy as well...Hopefully, a move to the country will do the trick! So relieved by this recent news.
    Barb and Peter