Thursday, July 23, 2009

DAY +50: Steady as She Goes

Top Line: Today was like yesterday (only the details have changed); tomorrow it's Boston again

Today's news is not materially different than yesterday's, so there's really no need to read further, unless you want the specifics of the day, which are as follows (per Cici):
  • the activities of the day included organizing stuff, with Susan actually working some alongside Cici; I don't know what the "stuff" was or how it was organized, but Susan has long had a compulsion for this kind of activity, so I assume it gives her satisfaction (does she actively enjoy the process, or would it simply cause her distress not to organize stuff? I don't know, and I've been her brother since 1948), and it's a good thing that she's up to the task now
  • Susan also met with the architects (two of them); at least they claimed to be the architects -- they were masked, as visitors must be; don't know what occasioned the consultation but, again, it's good that Susan is up to being involved in this kind of activity
  • Regarding today's menu:
    -- breakfast: toast and banana
    -- lunch: egg salad sandwich
    -- potassium fix: today they tried mixing it into applesauce -- at least that avoids the sacrilege of spoiling a perfectly good Ring Ding or Twinkie -- but they're still experimenting with the least objectionable way of getting the potassium down
    -- dinner: leftover hamburger & Velveeta casserole is planned; Susan says it was good
  • Cici says Susan is drinking well and often, going to the "loo" a lot (Cici's term); that's good news; hopefully, tomorrow's DFCI visit will produce some metrics to indicate that the ascites is receding
  • Susan has been coughing some and a chest X-ray is planned for tomorrow, along with the ultrasound, but the cough is not at a distressing level and the X-ray is just precautionary
  • They finished season 2 of Mad Men last night and will probably just watch regular old television tonight
So much for Cici's report. I also got to talk with Susan and asked her what words she had for all of us out in her blogosphere. It was simply, "tell them 'hello'." She does admit to moving around a little bit better and spending a lot more time up and around. She also allowed that the ascites pain, nausea, and a few other complaints seem to be less severe in frequency and intensity but it was a totally random matter as to when any particular problem would strike. Tomorrow is their visit to Boston for tests and a consult at Dana Farber. We'll know soon enough what that tells us.


  1. Hi,
    As I was hoping, a better day today. I know tomorrow will be difficult due to the ride to Boston, but I know the results will be on the positive side. You've done so well these past few days with your food and liquid intake. Hopefully it is helping reduce the ascites. My thoughts and love are with you as you go for your tests and consult.


  2. Suz, Ditto to what Gig said......good luck tomorrow.....over & out