Sunday, July 19, 2009

DAY +46: Today, so so; Tomorrow, Boston

Today Susan was noticeably more uncomfortable than she has been over the last several days. No idea why. Bob reports that she also feels cold all the time (but this is not a new symptom). However, she has been staying awake pretty much all day -- attribute it to country air, to medication, to a place where she can potchky around, designing and redesigning, attribute it to whatever -- we'll take it.

Tomorrow S & B go to Boston for the day for a routine follow-up, with bloodwork, tests, and a consult with Dr. Soiffer. We're all anxious to learn the test results and what Soiffer has to say.

On a lighter note, the Siegels have now finished 4 seasons of "Coupling" DVDs (thanks to Ann, or is it Anne, and Michael for supplying same). Bob hadn't yet planned out tonight's viewing schedule as of a few minutes ago. You can find that out tomorrow, when I'll learn what they did tonight, along with the outcomes of the DFCI visit. You know where to click.


  1. Nice to see that you are not as fatigued as you have been. I guess it is having more to do in the house and definitely that country air. Wishing that tomorrow goes well for you. Anxious to see what Bob made for dinner tonight. It's been fun getting the menu day to day.

    love ya,


  2. We agree, following Bob's menus gives us a whole new perspective on his culinary abilities! Hope all goes well tomorrow. So glad you are in the country air and your beautiful home!
    Barb and Peter

  3. Anne and MichaelJuly 20, 2009 at 1:16 AM

    So happy you're enjoying the Coupling DVDs! Michael and I are enjoying exploring Portland, but we definitely miss being in the country too.