Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DAY +48: Mother and Son

It's getting to be like Buckingham Palace . . . yet another Changing of the Guard: Bob's gone back to the City to "take care of business," but Charley's come up to the country to be his mother's companion, chef, and general helpmate. Susan was busy watching television (more about why below) when I called and I didn't want to disturb her, so here's the report from Charley:
  • breakfast was a hard-boiled egg and a piece of toast . . . so what's new?
  • Susan has been drinking a reasonable amount, alternating between water and Orangina
  • Susan is now taking potassium pills, prescribed due to a deficiency diagnosed on her visit to DFCI yesterday. These pills are sized for horses . . .
  • . . . so, her mid-afternoon snack -- remember, she gets up late enough that her breakfast is more like brunch-time, but I don't call it brunch because brunch is fun and a hard-boiled egg is not -- anyway, returning to the thread, her mid-afternoon snack (unless you'd rather think of it as a late lunch) was a Ring Ding, spiked with pieces of her potassium pill, which had to be broken up for ingestibility; it's certainly a shame to ruin a perfectly delightful Ring Ding that way, but she does what she has to do
  • Dinner is probably going be store-bought frozen pasta or pizza, or if Charley decides to stretch himself and Susan is interested, a grilled cheese sandwich
  • the big excitement of the day, and the reason I didn't want to drag Susan from the TV, was the installation of a satellite dish for DirectTV service; This gave Susan something to do, watching the workmen in the afternoon, and now it's giving her something to do in the evening, watching a clear TV picture with a set that gets premium channels
  • and while Susan may not have been up to "rearranging the furniture" herself, she was up to making the aesthetic decisions and delegating the donkey work to Charley, who had to do indoor and outdoor moving (and re-moving) of stuff, at his mother's behest
As usual, we are all interested, I am sure, to see what tomorrow brings


  1. Hi,

    Today seems like a better day. You also have Charley there to be your chef and furniture rearranger. He has many talents. I remembered the name of the pizza. It is California Pizza, rising crust with 4 cheeses and tomatos. You will love it. Wishing you even a better day tomorrow. Don't forget keep drinking a lot.

    love ya


  2. Susan,

    Sounds like you are taking baby steps but mostly forward. What a relief!

    And having your sweet son around to haul, coddle and even grill the cheese must be a pleasure.

    We think of you a lot.

    Love from both of us,

    Susan and David

  3. Susan,

    Sounds like you are 'all ahead 1/3' and maybe less, but still moving forward. I hope you show a really nice recovery curve upward.

    Becky and I have been thinking about you all the time.