Sunday, July 12, 2009

DAY +39: Mutatis Mutandis

What does that mean? Loosely, the caregivers and the location have changed, but everything's really still the same. Callie and Nate have gone, but Cici and Charley are back in charge. Susan's traded a Boston hospital room for a Cambridge apartment, but her condition is still as I've been reporting it:

-- ascites discomfort
-- nausea that comes and goes
-- extreme fatigue.

However, she's eating a little and drinking some . . . we hope it's enough to keep her out of the hospital, and she's no longer in real pain (as opposed to oscillating levels of discomfort).

Tomorrow afternoon it's DFCI again. Let's see what her numbers have to say, and Dr. Soiffer, too. Tune in tomorrow PM to find out.


  1. Glad to hear you out of the hospital and in your new apartment! Hopefully, Bob will make some more of what looked like quite delicious mashed potatoes. Thinking of you,
    Barb and Peter

  2. So great to hear that you have been sprung. Yeah! Here's to gaining strength each day. Robin and Bob are here with us and we all send our love.
    xo Susi and Pete

  3. Susan,

    I'm thinking that CiCi and Charley have moved around some furniture already and if not, will be doing so soon. You know you must keep eating and drinking to keep your strength up and stay at the apartment. Hope the m.d. appt. goes well this afternoon.

    much love,


  4. Hi Susan,
    We're reading all about you and I'm wondering what your thoughts are enduring this all. Would love to hear a word or two (via Jerry) what's going on for you during all this.
    Sending love and good wishes,