Monday, July 27, 2009

DAY +54: Like Yesterday, then Better

See yesterday's post for how Susan was feeling today until late afternoon, when she decided to try some pharmacological intervention. It's helped, and she's feeling better this evening.

She says she ate pretty well at dinner -- pasta (orzo) with sauce from a jar, which means Charley had to boil water, not over or under cook the orzo, and warm up the sauce (didn't learn whether that was a stovetop or microwave effort). Susan said it was tasty. Charley may not be ready to audition for a sous chef's job, but it is a step up from nuking a frozen item.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.


  1. for Alan Goldstein,
    Re. your comment on yesterday's blog, I just spoke with Susan and relayed your message and she thanks you. She will check out the cllforum when she has the energy (I've just taken my own peek; lots there; thanks). She knows who Dr. Brown is and is aware of the study Brown is running. Her own doctor, though, is Lee Nadler, who generally doesn't take on patients, but is also an expert (he's a senior VP at DFCI and a chaired professor at Harvard Medical School), so she's been in good hands. Best of luck with your condition. We'll make a point of catching up on it all at the next family gathering. - Jerry

  2. It feels like we're being rewarded for good behavior seeing these images. What a delight to see Susan non-prone and actually smiling! Very encouraging to the lay reader. Thank you!