Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DAY +55: a Better Day

Not a lot to report, except to say today was definitely better than the last couple of days have been. Why? Who knows. Susan spent time outside consulting on the landscaping with Diane S., her landscape lady (ours, too, actually). She ate toast, PB&J sandwich, and is poised to have some steak that Charley is now grilling.

Cici came up today as well. She and Charley will be the transport, support team, and honor guard for Susan's roundtrip to Boston tomorrow. With the Tour de France just finishing, you could think of them as her domestiques. As soon as I get word from them about how the DFCI visit went, I'll post the news to the blog, so come back tomorrow to learn what the tests show and the doctors think (is that last an oxymoron?)


  1. Hi,
    So glad that today was a better day. A lot of activity for you, that's really good. Only thinking good thoughts for your trip tomorrow.

    love ya,

  2. I love seeing the word "better" here. Hopefully we'll see that more and more!