Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update from Callie

My uncle doesn't have computer access right now so I just wanted to give a quick update. My mom was admitted back into the hospital last night with a high fever and severe pains in her back. (She happens to be back in the exact same room where she spent her first week at Brigham and Women's Hospital for the transplant.) They are conducting various tests to determine to cause.

The good news is that her white blood, red blood and platelet counts are now back to normal.

I will post again later tonight if there are any updates on the cause of the fever and pain...



  1. Thank you, Callie for that update because I read the weekend stuff yesterday and really needed to know some of the onus was off you guys and Bob, when she is in so much pain.

    Please send her my love and tell her she was much missed at the Red Barn where we celebrated Nansi's big birthday on a pouring wet Saturday night.
    We raised our glasses to Susan too, and drew comfort in knowing she will be there next year. Thinking of you all. (allison is 26 today!) Diana

  2. Thinking of you...keep us posted....we're very concerned....duh.....over & out

  3. Thank you, Callie. I know I'd feel better having my wonderful daughter there beside me. I'm sure you're having a positive effect on your mom.