Monday, June 22, 2009

DAY +20: Coming Along

Mid-day bulletin:
  • a good night's sleep
  • continuing pain-free
  • hard-boiled egg for breakfast
  • sipping water and OJ frequently
  • Still very tired, feeling worn out from the ordeal
Sounds like the right direction, finally. More tonight.


  1. Just wanted to send a huge acknowledgment to Susan's support team there in Boston. You're doing an amazing job of keeping us all informed and keeping Susan supported. We're sending you hugs and warm loving wishes. It's not easy being in your role. Thank you!

  2. Susan,
    You are doing amazing. Hopefully you have turned the corner and only better days ahead. Thanks to all who have been by your side through this last week. Keep the good news coming, much love to all,


  3. Susan, I'm so glad you're back at the apt. where you can get some rest without someone waking you up every hour. It's great that Cece is there with you.
    Much love,

  4. Susan,

    We are so pleased that things seem to be improving; we have been pained by some of the reports but so impressed by your grit. And your family is amazing--perhaps you are just a terrific wife and mother, among other things.

    Our love and good thoughts,
    Susan and David Rahm

  5. Great to get the good news tonight, to know you are back at the apartment and there is now an explanation for that pain.
    Sending Happy Thoughts and Love, Diana