Thursday, June 11, 2009

DAY +9: Watchful Waiting

Top Line: Susan's feeling fair. The pain is mostly gone most of the time. The medical team isn't sure what's going on but they believe everything is under control and there's no undue cause for concern.

Susan did not get much sleep overnight, she went through an ordeal yesterday, and her immune system is scraping bottom, so, understandably, she's felt better, but it's not terrible by any means (easy for me to say). She did go through her usual routine today -- vancomyicin infusion, flush, neupogen injection -- without a problem.

The infection that presumably caused all the pain yesterday (but not today) seems to be located mostly in the upper urinary tract and in the plumbing connecting to the kidneys. There appears to be some inflammation in the kidneys. A urine culture hasn't grown anything yet to give more specific information. The medical team believes the antibiotics Susan's now being given will deal with the infection successfully, but, of course, they'll adjust the treatment if warranted by additional developments.

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  1. Looking forward to going back to the boring reports...Sending love and good thoughts.