Thursday, June 11, 2009

DAY +8 and a half: Urinary Tract Infection?

The night shift radiologist reading Susan's CAT scan early this morning believes the pain was caused by a urinary tract infection. She was given antibiotics specific to UTIs and was able to leave the hospital about 2:15 AM. The pain, which had subsided spontaneously last evening has not returned.

She goes back to DFCI today for her 11 AM infusion + injection appointment. While she's there, I'm sure Dr. Soiffer will have his day shift radiologist and others look over the scan results and he will see to it that other tests, as may be necessary, are performed to be sure they've got the right diagnosis. Her treatment today would then be adjusted accordingly.

Look for an update later this afternoon when we know more.

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  1. Susan and Bob, the good news is that no fires have taken place on 22d Street, the tower is not leaning and you missed (Bob would love this) a raging fire on 19th and Broadway when construction workers left blowtorch on at lunch time.
    Always thinking of you.