Saturday, June 20, 2009

DAY +18: Improving again?

Top Line: Renal ultasound was normal, pain is in check for now; Susan may be on the mend?

Things seem to be moving in the right direction, but we've said that before. Susan's medical team ordered the renal ultrasound, which was negative. That suggests that the inflammation has diminished, which is good.

Susan's numbers continue to be good, except that her hematocrit is now low enough that the team is planning on a whole blood transfusion. This is pretty usual, and not a cause for concern, and her platelets continue to be good.

Susan has been relatively pain free today and she has eaten some french toast and mashed potatoes. Aside from the transfusion of whole blood, there are no other plans at this point for interventions or treatments. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

More tomorrow early evening, or as events unfold.


  1. Dear Susan,

    We've been following your progress and send you our love and positive thoughts for continued improvement.
    Love, Roz & Red

  2. Hi Susan,

    Glad to hear that today was a better day. Hopefully the days to come will be better and better. Love you and thinking of you everyday.


  3. Back from a cloudy Vermont, driving through the rain and thinking of you and hoping you get a good report when next the doctor checks in.
    Sending love and supportive thoughts your way. Diana