Friday, June 26, 2009

DAY +24: Changing of the Guard Redux

Top Line: Cici and Charley are gone, Bob's back, Susan's feeling a bit yechy again.

The high standards of housekeeping and meal preparation will certainly experience some decline now that Cici is gone (Charley, too, but he doesn't cook). The loss of creature comforts notwithstanding, Susan is glad to have her man back.

There was a touch of fever last night, but Tylenol handled it nicely. Nevertheless, Susan's feeling something more of a "general malaise" that she had over the past few days. Bob will keep an eye on it and lean on the medical team if/as necessary. At this point the plan continues to be DFCI visits on Monday and Wednesday with a probable departure from Boston Thursday or Friday. Susan pointed out, somewhat ruefully, that if it hadn't been for the kidney/BK virus experience, she'd have been going home about now.

Susan, Cici, and Charley finished season one of "Mad Men," so she and Bob will need to find another diversion . . . . No, probably not that one, not at this point anyway. Remember, though, that there's a Blockbuster Video downstairs. I'm sure they'll manage something.

Maybe Bob will figure out an interesting picture to shoot, in which case I'll post it. More tomorrow, with or without a picture.

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  1. Sorry you are feeling generally yecchy, Susan. Hope you get to go home soon. I can imagine that that gets to be more and more a wish.Will be thinking of you this weekend. Am in the city now, torrential rain again, and decent weather forecast for the weekend, but somehow raining seems daily, whatever the weather man says. Was to have had Ian and Wylie for this weekend while Rosie worked on next season's fabric prints, but her father died this afternoon in Greece and they are all on a plane for there over the weekend. Susan and I took Nansi to lunch for her birthday on Wednesday at Bar Boulud and we all thought of you and I hope you will be back very soon. Love, Diana