Sunday, June 21, 2009

DAY +19: Goin' HOME !!!!

Top Line: Pain free for a day and half; able to eat and drink; the underlying uncovered and resolving itself; back to the apartment this evening

Again, the top line trumpets the good news, but here's a bit more detail:

Urinalysis has revealed the presence of a "BK virus" which the doctors believe is the culprit in Susan's recurring pain (and other unpleasant symptoms which I haven't been blogging about). You can google "bk virus" if you want more information, but the short story is that it can present with kidney problems (check), fever (check), narrowed ureters (check). According to one source, "BK virus was associated with cases of acute haemorrhagic cystitis following bone marrow transplantation." That also sounds like a check.

Why it's taken this long for the doctors to come up with this diagnosis, given what a lay person learns in a 5 minute internet search, is an open question (isn't there a doctor in the "House"?). However, it's good news, so we'll take it. My information is second hand, via Charley. When Bob, who is still in NYC, is able to connect with Dr. Soiffer, we'll likely learn more.

Susan did receive a blood transfusion overnight (she was up until 3 AM as they gave her PIC Line what we hope will be its final workout). She is understandably exhausted, then, but feeling "kind of OK" under the circumstances. She's in the process of being discharged and, barring the unforeseen, will not need to return to DFCI until a Wednesday AM appointment.

Callie and Nate, who were up for the weekend, returned to the City today (is Brooklyn classified as part of "the City"?), but Charley is still in Boston and Susan's friend Ceci Wynant is en route to help out and keep Susan company until Bob's return.


  1. Finally, something to cheer about. Yeah. Keep the good news coming. Love you lots,


  2. Yea!!!!!!! over & out

  3. Hurray, so glad to read this news! Good to hear that Ceci will be "in the house," too.