Thursday, June 18, 2009

DAY +16: Moving in the Right Direction

Top Line: The numbers (blood factors) are still good, the pain has diminished, and Susan actually ate some breakfast

There's not a lot of news, which is good news. Here are the day's highlights:
  • Susan slept fairly well, if you take into account that they wake her up every hour to do this, that, and the other
  • Her temperature remains normal and her blood counts continue to be good. Blood pressure is low, but the medical team doesn't seem to be concerned about it
  • When Bob arrived this morning c. 10:30 AM, Susan was sitting up in a chair. She wasn't up to doing that yesterday or the day before
  • She ate half a serving of french toast for breakfast and so far that hasn't caused problems. When I spoke with her a short while ago, she was waiting for her pizza dinner (I doubt that she ordered the pepperoni; still, it's progress)
  • She continues on the Toradol (anti-inflammatory and pain killer) but has not needed morphine since yesterday. The doctors really didn't have much to tell her today as they still don't know much about the problem beyond its symptoms, but they are treating those effectively and feel she is making good progress
  • Bob left for NYC this afternoon and Charley left NYC for Boston. Their trains passed each other somewheres around Providence
  • If the pain continues to diminish and she experiences no flareups, and if she demonstrates that she can eat on her own and not lose her meals prematurely one way or the other, Susan will probably be released over the weekend
For those who've asked about sending flowers, DON'T. No fruit baskets either. The thought, however, is much appreciated.
More tomorrow . . . .


  1. O.K. Suz, keep up the good work...I'll sleep better tonight knowing you feel a little you....over & out

  2. Hi Susan,
    I'm in Dublin visiting Linda and John Carr who are here for two years while John overseas the construction of the convention center his firm designed. I told Linda about you. She joins me in sending healing wishes and love.
    Don't worry about getting my birthday card sent in time this year ;-)

  3. Sounds like you're feeling a little better. Hope the trend continues.