Friday, June 12, 2009

DAY +10 and a half: in the apartment and guardedly optimistic

Now that's Susan is back in the apartment, let's resume the tale of the peeled, cut up potatoes. For all of you who guessed correctly back on Tuesday night as to what the next picture would be, your prize is that you guessed correctly. Bob did indeed make mashed potatoes out of them and served same to Susan, who is seen here eating them. The next morning, of course, is when Susan first developed the severe abdominal pain. Coincidence? She did not want her face to appear in the picture, but trust me, she looks pretty much as usual, although wearing a head scarf.

Top Line: Pain has largely subsided, Susan's back in the apartment, and her progress seems to be on track.

The pain has subsided to the point where Susan/Bob and the med team mutually decided that she did not need to be admitted. She's back in the apartment. She's been given some extra-strength vicodin tablets in case she needs them (think Dr. Gregory House; they work for him), and, worst case, it's only 15 minutes to be back at DFCI.

Today was also the last day of regular infusions and injections. Now, barring difficulties, she will be going on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule of visits to DFCI for monitoring and bloodwork. She gets to hang out in the apartment all weekend with maybe an excursion, mask and gloves on, to the building's roof deck, eating Bob's "cooking" (so again, good news/bad news).

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