Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day +22: a Decent Day

Top Line: Susan continues to improve and Dr. Soiffer and her medical team are satisfied with the progress

Overnight sleep - decent
Pain level - mild to non-existent
Nausea: continues to be under control, thanks to premptive Atavan strikes
Overall physical comfort level - satisfactory
Breakfast: banana and half a roll
DFCI visit
  • Susan's doctors feel she is now coming along well
  • Susan is still somewhat immuno-surpressed and was given an IVIG infusion today (intravenous immunoglobulin); the rationale was that this treatment is a "twofer" -- it would deal with the last lingering traces of the BK virus as well as beef up her immune system
  • her next DFCI visit is scheduled for next Monday,6/29
  • Monday to be followed by a Wednesday visit and, if all continues to go well, permission to leave Boston - that will be real progress
Lunch: scrambled eggs and cheese (sorry, don't know how many eggs or what kind of cheese)
Afternoon's diversion: DVD for first 3 episodes of first season of "Mad Men" (I gather it's a television series) -- Susan was engaged and enjoying it until she fell asleep during the 3rd episode
Dinner: ravioli is planned (Susan's sleeping right now, but when she wakes up)

These mundane details are not boring right now (at least not to me), given where we've been. However, I do hope (and expect) this kind of news will be very routine, and not news at all, in the near future. We're looking for a return to boring. Tune in tomorrow when I hope to have less to say.


  1. We're thrilled with the good news! Especially happy of news that you're eating, Susan! Sending every best wish -
    Barbara (and Will)

  2. You are doing so great. I love boring and mundane. Keep having all those carbs and enjoy every calorie while you can.

    love ya,

  3. Leave Boston!! Wahoo!! Keep us posted--

  4. Susan - I have been following the blog and am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. I can't say that New York has been pleasant with the massive amount of rain and grey weather, but I'm sure you're anxious to get back here or at least up to the country. I am leaving on Monday for a two-week writing "boot-camp" of sorts up at the O'Neill Theater Center in Connecticut (I'll be staying in the Conn College dorms which I am not that excited about.) I will be in the city for the rest of the summer after that and would love to come visit you when you are up for seeing all the people who will probably be clamoring to see you when you get back! Oh..but I will hopefully be seeing you at Rachel's wedding which is exciting!

    All my best,

  5. What progress! So glad to hear the you are eating more, getting stronger and have less nausea.
    Imagine leaving Boston next week - we're all rooting for you!