Saturday, June 13, 2009

DAY +11: Pain Again

Top Line: The pain is back, but that's probably a good sign

Susan had a good night's sleep and we were hopeful that she'd be done with doctors and hospitals until Monday. However, her pelvic area pain returned this morning around 10AM. She took vicodin for it, which helped for a few hours.

Bob spoke with Dr. Soiffer, who is actually pleased that the white count has risen so high so quickly and believes that the pain is indeed evidence of engraftment. Nevertheless, the pain does need to be managed. Soiffer wants her to take the vicodin more frequently and try to tough it through until tomorrow morning, when, if the pain hasn't lessened, he will see her in clinic and make a decision about re-admission.

Susan's hopes for a weekend holiday from everything but her extensive pill and potion regimen have been dashed. Nevertheless, this bad news appears to be good news.

As usual, we'll know more tomorrow and will communicate it to you.

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