Sunday, June 28, 2009

DAY +25: a Little Bit Rocky Again

Top Line: The Guard Changes Back; for Susan, more nausea and a touch of fever

Bob's about to leave Boston for NYC; The A-Team, Cici and Charley, are en route to Boston. At least the food will be better (not that that matters to Susan right now) and the apartment will be neater.

For some reason, unclear to us, the nausea is back -- it had never fully left, but was under decent control with Atavan -- and Susan's been running a fever intermittently. Nothing astronomical, but high enough to require Tylenol. Add to that the ongoing bone-deep weariness, and she's on the wrong side of the miserable-fair border. Fortunately, she has a DFCI appointment tomorrow, and we hope that blood work and a consult with the doctor will enlighten us and reassure us. Remember, nobody said to expect a smooth, straight-line path.

On the entertainment front, I neglected to mention yesterday that Susan and Bob have been watching episodes of "Cufflinks" or "Couplings" or some such name. I'm not familiar with the series, but maybe some of your are. Bob says it lives at the intersection of Seinfeld, Sex in the City, and Friends, if that helps you. Sounds like Susan's cup of tea.

Of course, I'll let you know tomorrow what we learn from the DFCI visit.


  1. I'm anxiously awaiting how things went today and hoping each today will get better (even a little bit each day would be great.)We loved Mad Men and can't wait for the next season to start. I'm glad you're finding diversions.

  2. Just caught up on a few days of entries. Hope the fever passes quickly and the appointment goes well tomorrow. It will be so great to hear when you are cleared for your return to the City, and hopefully the Country shortly thereafter. Especially now that the weather has finally broken into summer mode.

    Love to all,