Thursday, August 27, 2009

DAY +84: Moving in the Right Direction

More bananas, please. Otherwise everything's looking good.

Translation: Susan's potassium is still too low. Her other counts are all in the normal range. Dr. Soiffer does have to wait for some additional test results in order to determine which, if any, of Susan's medications can be reduced or discontinued. Potassium notwithstanding, he is satisfied with how Susan is progressing at this point.

You may remember from a post in the distant past that of all the pills Susan had to take, the one she most loathed and feared, the one that most appeared to have been designed for a horse, if not an even larger animal, was the potassium pill. It's a pill she had discontinued (I think; have to do a fact check) but may now have to resume. However, her plan as of this morning is to redouble her efforts to get her potassium the old fashioned way, but just how many bananas can one woman eat in a day? And will it be enough? We won't know until the bloodwork from her next visit to DFCI, scheduled for 9/14.

And the news from Spencertown? . . . Susan tells me she's feeling "pretty good" on some days, but not so good on others. Clearly, though, even the not so good days these days are much better than some of the days we remember from those days. It's progress. Cici had been up again for several days and she and Susan cut a wide swathe across the fun shops from Great Barrington in the East to Hudson in the West. I'm sure Cici also cooked her good dinners. By the way, Susan tells me she is eating and drinking pretty well at this point.

Barring the unexpected, expect the next post the evening of 9/14. And apologies that this post is the morning after -- wasn't able to connect with Susan until this morning.


  1. Hi,

    Great that everything is on track. However, I don't like waiting this long in between visits to see how you are doing.Maybe we could still get a weekly update even though it is wonderful that you are now going every couple of weeks. Mash up the bananas in sour cream or a milk shake. Better than taking the horse pill. Keep enjoying getting stronger each day and your shopping trips.

    love you


  2. Suz, we're all so proud of you. Your courage and strength are amazing.You must come from good stock!!!!!I miss talking to when you're up to it. lots of love....over & out

  3. Hmmm. I don't care much for bananas but I do like banana cream pie and banana bread. Wonder if those things would help? Either way it's nice thinking of low potassium as your big problem!

  4. The news sounds good. Though it feels like we're getting the helicopter view from 1000 feet. How about a few more quotes from our star performer? This observer would love to hear...