Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DAY +103: DFCI visit postponed until 9/16

Hi, all. Long time, no blog.

This is not exactly the promised update from Susan's scheduled 9/14 DFCI visit, the reason being that Dr. Soiffer suddenly became unavailable yesterday. The visit has been moved to tomorrow, September 16th.

With Bob needing to be back in the City on Wednesday, I've been conscripted for driver duty and am planning to go up to Spencertown tonight to be at the helm for the round trip shuttle tomorrow. That means I get to put questions directly to Dr. Soiffer. The consult is scheduled for 4 PM, so any blog posting won't be until late tomorrow night or else sometime on Thurday.

Stay tuned for the real update.


  1. Susan,

    Hope you have been feeling well and tomorrow brings good news. Thinking about you often.


  2. I know that no news means good news but I've missed you. Hope all goes well.