Saturday, August 15, 2009

DAY +72: My Goodness . . . More Goodness

Top Line: Another good report at Dana Farber

The results of Susan's Dana Farber visit yesterday
  • most of her "numbers" are within normal range now
  • the few measures that are outside of range are expected to be so as a consequence of Susan's medication regimen and are no cause for concern
  • Nurse Amy has pronounced the VOD gone and the ascites that's been occasioned by it nearly so
  • her CMV test was negative which means that the team can consider taking her off the Valcyte (determination at next visit with Soiffer on 8/26); this will be good because the Valcyte is a significant contributor to her feelings of malaise
  • the fact that Susan continues to be fatigued (but she no longer needs to sleep an inordinate amount of the time) and continues to feel somewhat Y**** (but this is improving, too) is par for the course, says Nurse Amy, especially given the complications Susan had and the consequent additional medications, which she largely continues to take
  • NET: Susan's now where they'd like her to be (not Spencertown, per se, but in terms of medical condition) and is doing "very well"
As for the news around town, Cici was back up for a few days to resume her accustomed role, this time aided and abetted by a new partner, Susi Wunsch. Susan says they made good meals, which she ate reasonably well, and provided good company. They even went on outings to a housewares store in Hudson and a couple of shops in Sheffield, Mass (near Great Barrington). Just the cure for cabin fever. Cici and Susi returned to the City Thursday evening, passing the baton to Bob, who was the one to take Susan to Boston yesterday. Callie and Nate are up for the weekend, so there's company and diversion, and today looks to be a lovely day to sit poolside.

The next DFCI visit will be Wednesday, 8/26, when Dr. Soiffer will be available and, we're hoping, will determine that (a) Susan can reduce or eliminate some of her medications and (b) move to a bi-weekly schedule of checkups. That would not only represent progress on the road to recovery but also a lot less wear and tear on the Siegels.

So, unless something unforeseen happens in the interim, expect the next blog update on the evening of 8/26. Until then . . . .


  1. I've been waiting since early this morning (quite early on the left coast) for Jerry's report. It was worth the wait. What fabulous news. I knew you would get to Sheffield for an outing. Those were fun when we use to go. Glad the weather is going to be nice for the next few days so you can enjoy being outside and the wonderful pool.

    hugs and kisses to all,

    gig & Ricky too

  2. Glad we're to a point when a whole week can be uneventful. Hope everything continues to improve and looking forward to a week that wasn't just uneventful but also normal or enjoyable.


  3. "normal" is great!! hope you are able to now. enjoy this summer like weather we are now having. we did at richie's place in old saybrook today. not so far from old colony.

    look forward to hearing a similar report on the 26th, and thanks Jerry for all of these reports.


  4. Wonderful news! And did I read correctly that Susan did a little home shopping? Now we really know she is feeling better....
    Barb and Peter

  5. This is my favorite report so far! An outing! That's great news! Keep up the good work!

  6. we know you are quite the shopper, so getting out there has to be a good thing. We were going to see if you wanted company last week, but found out you were in Boston. Continue to feel better!!!! love, Joan and Harvey

  7. so happy to hear good news
    and even a shopping outing!!!
    wonderful-keep up good work
    thinking of you