Friday, August 7, 2009

DAY +65: a Good Report

Today it was Dana Farber for Susan and Bob (actually, just for Susan; Bob's only the driver). First, the vampires (a.k.a. phlebotomy unit), then Nurse Amy. Rather than list a lot of numbers with milligrams and decaliters and all that other foreign metric stuff that we Americans don't understand and shouldn't have to, suffice it to say that Susan's got great blood these days, and Nurse Amy says she's coming along nicely now. To be entirely honest, the potassium was a little bit low, but nothing that a banana or two a day can't handle.

She's lost another 6 pounds since her last visit (9 days ago) and 27 pounds overall, but I don't encourage you to try the Susan Kargman Siegel Bone Marrow Transplant Recovery Diet at home. Of course, much of that weight was retained fluid from the ascites, which is clearly much improved, but some has been lean body mass. She needs to build back up, so there'll be a focus on protein rich shakes to supplement her daily hard-boiled egg and mid-afternoon cheese hit.

By the way, the fact that she's had a good checkup doesn't mean that suddenly she feels fine. The lingering effects of her conditioning regimen and the transplant itself will continue to linger, though with diminishing intensity over time (we hope). She still has not so good days and somewhat better days, with some ability to nudge "lousy" (see, no more Y words) towards "so-so" or even better through the judicious use of drugs.

Her next scheduled checkup is in a week, and that will be my next scheduled blog post, unless something unusual happens in the interim.


  1. Hi,
    I couldn't wait to read today's blog. It was worth the wait. Great report. However, I do miss the day to day connection, but as long as I don't see anything during the week, then I know you are doing better each day.
    Have a feel good weekend and week,

    much love

  2. Susan, so glad that the DF check up went well and that things are creeping along nicely. You have come such a long way even in the time I was gone, and I know that you being in Spencertown must make a massive difference,Glad to know there will be weekly postings and hope one of these weekends when I am up there I will get to see you. Am in Manhattan at present and cleaning up the endless paper that accumulates when you are away on vacation and nursing a dog who ate something off the street and has a tummy that is not happy. Love to you and Bob, Diana J.

  3. So glad you had a good checkup. I'm glad you're able to recover in such a beautiful setting. The city has been miserably hot and it seems that New Yorkers are escaping the city whenever they can. This is our last weekend in the city - then it's several weddings (Rachel's included, of course) and a short vacation in Norfolk, CT. Then back to school, for me. Our wedding (January 9th, 2010) will be here before we know it. Ahhhh! Anyway, hope to see you soon. Love, Emily

  4. Sounds like things are coming along - slowly but steadily. I'm happy to hear that instead of the "y" word! Rich and I wanted you to know that we caught a few episodes of Coupling on your indirect recommendation... we absolutely howled! Thanks!

  5. Hi Susan-
    Back from travels-glad to hear you are doing better and better
    you have definitely come a long way
    we are thinking of you

  6. Loved seeing the "g" word in the subject line! Praying for Susan's continuing recovery, strength and energy.

  7. So glad you are feeling a bit better and even up for some decorating!!! Thinking of you and can't wait to see you soon.
    Barb and peter