Sunday, August 2, 2009

DAY +60: Bob Siegel: "She's Not So Hot Today"

Today has not been a good day. No cause for alarm. Nothing is dramatically wrong or different. It's just one of those "yechy" days. She did eat some. She is drinking. She has just been feeling rotten today. It is what it is.

Otherwise, there's really no particular news or items of interest, except that S & B have begun watching the DVDs of the TV mini-series on the life of John Adams (based on the David McCullough biography). I'm pleased about this. McCullough is very good. Maybe she'll learn something and be entertained as well. After all, the purpose of literature (and by extension, TV mini-series based on literature (McCullough's biographies and histories rise to that level)) is to "delight and instruct," as both Aristotle and Horace observed. It's good to see Susan moving beyond entertainments that merely delight.

May tomorrow be a better day for her.


  1. Sorry you had one of those yechy days. I know you will have them, but hope today is better and soon you will have more better days and not so many "yechy" days. Actually, I think it should be spelled "yucky" but whom I am to correct Jerry!!!

    lots of love


  2. Yechy. Yucky. Yicky. Doesn't matter much how you spell it, I'm beginning to hate that word. I hope you never have to utter it again!

  3. Susan,

    I agree with Tami, we don't want to see that word anymore. Hope you had a good Monday.