Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DAY +62: Last Post until Friday, per Susan

First, how is she? "The same," to quote Susan directly. For those who may be dipping back into the blog after some time away, what does that mean? Feeling OK sometimes and kind of rotten at others ("rotten" being a synonym for the Y word in all its variants), mostly depending on where in their unpredictable courses her intermittent nausea and variable stomach pain (presumably still the ascites) happen to be. She takes medication for those conditions when she feels she needs to, and it helps.

More often than not she is eating more or less adequately and drinking enough. Her energy level is low, but she can muster enough on good days to get things done, e.g., paperwork, minor decorative and functional arranging of house and garden stuff (no heavy lifting obviously).

Second, I've provided the reminder summary above because Susan has suggested that we stop blogging every day unless there is some significant development. Her feeling is why subject us all to the daily rollercoaster of ups and downs when this variability is all within the bounds of her expected steady state, that is, it's "noise" rather than useful information. Really, how many more times do you want to have to read that Susan had a hard-boiled egg and toast for breakfast?

Accordingly, the next blog posting will be Friday evening after I learn the outcome of her Dana Farber visit, and updates thenceforth will be to report the results of her weekly DFCI visits unless something significant happens in between. You may want to check in between planned blog posts just in case something's come up, but no entry means no news which is good news.

Finally, since I won't be posting on Thursday, which happens to be Cici's birthday, please join me in wishing Cici a happy and healthy. Coincidentally, it's her 39th; that seems to be a popular age (at least for those of us old enough to remember Jack Benny, who invented the 39th birthday). Happy Birthday, Cici!!!!


  1. Jerry, I want to thank you so much for all you have done to keep me in touch with Susan over these many weeks. Being so far away, it has brought me as close as I could be without being there.
    Susan, at this point in your recovery, I am happy that your day to day has become "the same". That's good news. Rick and I are wishing you "the same" or even better from now on.
    CiCi thank you as well for all you have done for Susan. Wishing you a very happy and wonderful birthday.

    love to all,

  2. Well, this is sort of a happy/sad moment for me. I'm happy that your recovery chronicle has become "boring" but I'll miss the day-to-day details (including the hard-boiled eggs). It almost made me feel like I was there with you. Thanks to all the contributing editors and caretakers. Happy "39th" Birthday, Cici

  3. Me, too! I feel like this was written for me as I have been away for a few days and am glad for the 'no news is good news' plan moving forward. Checking Susan's status has been a daily activity for these last several weeks.

    You've done an amazing job of reporting with some humor and compassion added to the mix. Thank you for that.

    Adding my birthday wishes to Cici, you young thing! What a good friend you are!

    Love to all--