Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ONE YEAR + 125 DAYS: Looking Good

Top Line: Progressing Nicely

Susan, accompanied by her ever faithful chauffeur and spouse, Bob, was in Boston yesterday to see Dr. Rob Soiffer, her ever faithful oncological transplant specialist. The tests run indicated no issues worth mentioning, Susan's outward appearance and her self-assessed condition were good, and Dr. S. pronounced himself satisfied. He swapped out one medication for a milder variant and indicated that he planned, over time, to wean Susan off most of the drugs she currently takes. A good marker for her progress is that Dr. Soiffer scheduled her next appointment for two months out. Remember back when it was every week?

As for this blog, is anyone still out there? At this point, the blog's audience, if any remnant of it remains, realizes that Susan has been doing well these last several months. Accordingly, blog entries are becoming briefer and more widely spaced. Soon they may become so brief and so widely spaced in time that they will, for all practical purposes, cease to exist, and that will be a good thing. Nevertheless, Susan's ever faithful blogster will remain at his post blogging until there is absolutely nothing left to blog because Susan has been pronounced officially "cured." And if these posts have already become, or will so become soon, something akin to the problematic sound or lack thereof of the proverbial tree falling in the forest with no one to hear (or, in this case, see), so be it. . . .

. . . all of which is to say, in typically long-winded fashion: "back in two months with the next update, whether you tune in to read it or not."


  1. I'm still here. Great report. I'll be here until I see the words "cured". So, Gerry, keep the great blogs coming.



  2. Yes, we are listening and keep on rooting for Susan. Thanks for the info

  3. Have not posted before, but have followed this blog for nearly a year. So glad to learn of Susan's good report. Though quite different, Mark had a transplant (kidney) 17 years ago and is dong GREAT! My wish is that Susan does as well in 17 years and beyond.

    Harriet (Kargman) Itkin

  4. here to, and thrilled to hear this update!


  5. So good to hear,

    Paulette B.

  6. Yes, I'm still listening for the tree falling in the forest, but I'd rather hear "cured." Thanks for the update. When will Susan be deemed ready to resume brownie-baking?