Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DAY +314: Still Working to Understand the Issue

Top Line: Internal bleeding (now resolved) has delayed plan

Susan and Bob went up to Dana Farber Monday, where they expected to meet with the gastroenterologist to get to the bottom of the ascites/liver issue. Susan was looking and feeling a bit peaked, though, and the blood work (which is always done first upon arrival) revealed a significantly depressed hematocrit, a sign of internal bleeding. Dealing with this put all other plans on hold.

An endoscopy was performed and it revealed bleeding ulcers, both esophogeal and gastric. Susan was hospitalized, put on Nexium intravenously, and given 4 units of blood. Today she was feeling much better -- nothing like a jolt of fresh blood to perk a body up -- and actually ate a good breakfast.

This afternoon they performed a needle biopsy to get a sample of the ascites fluid. The doctors are going to consider the results of the various samples they have taken and bring that information into an examination and consult on April 26th with the gastroenterologist being tasked to get to the bottom of Susan's condition. Paracentesis to drain the ascites fluid is also a likely treatment item when she returns on the 26th. As I write, she should be in the process of being released to return home to NYC, but with a number of adjusted and new medications.

Tune back in late on April 26th, when I expect to be blogging the results of Susan's next DFCI visit.

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